hi!! this is where im posting about our system! idk how far ill get in the process of this because im not supposed to be doing this but im tired of hiding things so ill just try for a little bit for now ok??


july 4th 5:07 am

ok well....i guess im getting kind of sleepy now and it sgetting kind of late so i guess ill go to bed *sighs wistfully* but thats ok. idk if ill want to do this stuff tomorrow or if "I" will want to do this tommorrow but i dont think im supposed to tell cave about it....i showed my friend Kar my new website page so maybe at least ONE person will see it *eyeroll* i like how it is so far and it could defintiely be cleaned up later but im having so much fun and im glad that i get to do this for however long i get to. yawn. i guess ill go to bed now. i hope its okay to call kar my friend even if we've never spoken before, its just nice knowing they're nice and are a good source of comforting words and good vibes.

4:05 am July 4th

i added the url to the jounral app so we'll see if this makes 'the cut' i guess......i tried to add a drop down for system members but i cant really do that right now, its kind of complicated it seems like...?? and ill figure it out later....IF i have time. if i dont i will be sad or not. idk, its not lie ill be concious. but maybe i can direct the attention to the website.....? *holds my chin thoughtfully* i guess we'll see! right now its kind of very late and i feel the special kind of too exposed feeling that creeps in on us sometimes....too exposed...too much like we're able to be seen and approached from any direction....its kind of scary!
whatelse......OH. i almost told cave i wasn't hal earlier when he asked me something........but i chickened out and didnt. i started to. correct did the same thing the other day and eventually cave got him to finish the sentence after "i'm...." i told cave that im just in an html world right now which IS true........i AM in the html world, but im also....NOT hal!

???? am July 4th

hm....i originally had this website hosted on a website that had our hosts name on it and its pretty recogniziable, in order to be able to post this on the twitter we own and use together we had to make our own site name that wasnt his......*rolls my eyes* i think its funny that i feel so young?? or excited? but im like hehe....i know about spreadsheets and html and coding.....i feel like

......sighs.....i just felt like i NEEDED to make this website.....hal wasnt sure about it because it seemed like a lot of hard work but i kept pshing and pushing and pushing and now we have a website! it wasnt too hard but i just took a page out of Correct's book and i just tried steering him back where i wanted him to go and.....here we are! i get to type in html and have fun :> :> :> i think ill also work on making corrects page....idk what ill put there but i really like him so he was listed almost first.....

JULY 4TH: aaaaaa i thought i was typing here the whole time but it WASNT saving. anyways! im in a call with hals friends..........i want to have a cute little page about our syste, which isnt how hal usually likes!!! he wants it kind of private but i want it to be CUTE and THERE for US if we WANT!!!!! anyways!!!!!!!!!!!! hi!!!!!! im trying to be normal and pretend im hal....i think hes probably still here??? but im just. im so excited. im so so excited. im really happy to just be here and finally get to try to make a page of our own.....im really happy about saying our system because thats what we are. we're here. im supposed to write in the journal but i dont want to really do that....i want to make a website, we did that when we were younger.....its coming back to us, the css and the inspecting element and one way or another we'll figure out how this html stuff works again!