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Site under construction!

hi!! i guess im going by melo at the moment and also i guess im probably the webmaster around here! i like to code and i like html and figuring things out and trying to solve problems that have to mostly do with putting pieces together....im also the one making the updates so theres that too! pardon the mess, im kind of just figuring stuff out and making it all fit together, so it its a little clunky please be patient, im only fronting for so long and can only really do as much as i remember and figure out how to!

as a NOTE im NOT a "syskid" or a "little" or a "middle" or whatever...... i might FEEL 11 but that doesnt mean that you can just treat me with kid gloves!! i can do so many things and i know a lot of stuff so even if i feel a little young and like the world is a little big this doesnt mean that you have to be weird around me, okay??

A small hut of fun things I enjoy!

i will try to update this site as i can.... right now im relearning how to use html and css and stuff, we used to learn about that stuff all the time and having used it in so long... *sighs and rolls my eyes* however if you notice and look around youll find that I have used the base codes from Templaterr, which is super helpful to my page looking the cutest so far.

Things that I like
maybe...? seagulls? not sure yet D:

what else.... hi therapist if you're reading this! sorry if its all over the place D: its a work in process......i think thats how you say that? i can tell im probably not hal because im not NEARLY as anxious as he normally is about this stuff......im enjoying myself too much and im not afraid of anyone being mean to me or making fun of me.....idk how long that will last i guess? i just like my new attitude and enjoying myself while i can, haha *sweat drop*

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